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     President's Message


"With faith, discipline and selfless devotion to duty, there is nothing worthwhile that you cannot achieve"

Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Dear APPNA-DMV Family:

Assalam-o-Alaikum. Thank you for bestowing upon me the honor of serving APPNA-DMV as its President for year 2015. It is a job that requires great responsibility. APPNA-DMV is a vibrant and strong chapter. Our leaders who came before me have blazed a trail of illustrious contributions which are now an inspiration for me. Please pray that God Almighty give me the will and capacity to continue what they have started. I am grateful for a wonderful team that is here to serve APPNA-DMV chapter with integrity, passion and hard work. 

For all of this, I need your prayers and good wishes so that I can serve our illustrious community to come together, have a common goal and go forward to better and stronger future. 


Allow me to present to you our plan for 2015:


APPNA-DMV team aspires to

1. Develop and nurture friendships among APPNA-DMV members and their families by organizing social activities like picnics, dinners, cricket matches etc.

2. Review and improve our organizational structure keeping it in line with Central APPNA values and principles by reviewing our constitution and doing necessary changes based on the consensus.

3. Strengthen and accelerate the workings of our organization by creating and supporting committees;


4. Hold monthly meetings of EC, committee chairs and Councilors to plan activities and share ideas.


5. Organize philanthropic activities such as: 

​a) Supporting local shelters and organizing international medical mission trips to Pakistan and/or other developing countries in need;

b) Collaborating with central APPNA disaster response team to help in times of disaster.

c) Helping and guiding FMGs from pakistan to attain residencies in USA.


6. Plan one grand fall meeting with record attendance.

With the wonderful team of APPNA-DMV leaders who are always willing to help, I hope we achieve the ambitious plan


What makes APPNA, APPNA is the contributions that you make, our members who make up the body and soul of this organization. Without your support none of our activities will be successful. 

We look forward to your creativity and passion in supporting us.  Approach me or any member of APPNA-DMV EC with your great ideas. We thank you for your un-wavering support of your own organization.

Let us change the world by changing ourselves.

Naeem A. Lughmani, MD
President, APPNA-DMV  2015

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